RV-4—12,500 ft.—OAT 18 degrees—cockpit temp 70 degrees.  Doesn’t get much better than that!


Zenith 601—Never really had sufficient heat until I installed this new unit.  Now I have to actually cut back on the heat available to make it comfortable in the cockpit.


Outstanding product and customer support! More compact, easier to install, and more heat than my old muff. I also required custom placement of the inflow and outflow ports (one angled!)–Dave was super-easy to work with and got mine delivered in days…not weeks! You cant beat this heat muff worth every penny.
Billy B
March 1, 2020


Incredible device that produces considerably more heat than the stock Vans component. Installed on my RV-7 and could not be more satisfied!!
Seth M
February 25, 2020

February 18, 2020


I can’t tell you how pleased I am with your TurboHeat muff!  As you can see from the attached picture, it is more compact and fits much better on my tightly-cowled RV-7A.  Also, when I need to inspect my exhaust system, your unique design will make removal and re-installation significantly easier.  The icing on the cake is, of course, that I get better cockpit heating.

Billy Bie