Dave Edwards joined the Navy in 1965, proceeding from Basic through Advanced, Carrier Qualifications and Replacement Air Group (RAG) with VQ-1 (Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One) operating out of Danang, Vietnam.  3 1/2 years and 183 combat missions later, he started a second tour as a Research Pilot assigned to the Naval Air Development Center.

Lt. Edwards qualified in a variety of civilian and military aircraft depending upon the needs of the Research Facility including the X-28A.  Through his association with Flight Test Engineers at the Naval Air Development Center and Test Pilots assigned to PAX River Flight Test, he developed the knowledge and procedures needed to evaluate aircraft flight characteristics and their operating systems.

Entering civilian life, Capt. Edwards joined Continental Airlines initially flying the B-727 and ending his 24 year career flying the B-737.

A member of the Experimental Aircraft Association since 1968 (EAA-45325) and an International Aerobatic Club member since 1970 (IAC-738), Mr. Edwards has personally constructed 3 aircraft and assisted  others in building/repairing their projects.


My current aircraft, a Zenith 750 completed two years ago.


My 150 HP Wag-A-Bond completed about 6 years ago.


My first aircraft, a Pitts S1-E first flown in 1977 and still flying today.


Buzz Aldrin happened to come by a few years back and was quite interested in my Zenith.  He wants to take a ride next time he comes through.  Buzz and I grew up in the same town (10 years apart) in Montclair, NJ.  We spent the majority of the time talking about all the local hamburger joints that we both frequented.  Next time I’ll ask him about landing on the moon.