Introducing a proven version of the standard Experimental Cabin Heat Muff.

Each canister is made from industrial grade .063 aluminum tubes with .125 6061 T-6 aluminum end caps laser cut, welded and then machined to exact tolerance for ease of installation and a vibration free fit. Internally, each canister is fitted with 10 aluminum rods surrounded by copper windings for superior heat transfer.


IMG_0926    IMG_0932






The standard model is 8 in. in length with 2 in. intake and exhaust tubes. The end caps are machined specifically for the diameter of your engine’s exhaust manifold. Currently, we support exhaust diameters of 2.0 in., 1.75 in.,1.5 in. and 1.375 in.


The Restrictor

Most Heat Muffs on the market today come with restrictor holes pre-drilled in the canister body; a one size fits all concept. We have designed a removable restrictor which fits into the warm air (exit side) of the canister.

By progressively enlarging the holes you are able to modify the flow of air through the Heat Muff essentially fine tuning the heat vs. airflow requirements for the type of aircraft that you constructed.

IMG_0930   The Restrictor

IMG_0953  A 10 in. canister mounted on a custom 1.75 in. exhaust system from a Lancair Legacy

IMG_1426  A standard 8 in. canister mounted on a 1.75 in. exhaust from an RV-3


Heat Exchanger Display A standard 8 in. canister displayed next to a special order 10 in. canister


Special Orders

We are happy to work with you on special orders.  Many standard installations just do not fit the exhaust configurations found on some experimental aircraft, be it cowling interference or design of the exhaust system itself.  Most of the time we can modify our standard orientation to meet your specifications without any additional cost to you.  Just give us a call 702-306-3590 or email us at

TurboHeat Opposed orientationThis is one example of a special order.  Called the opposed orientation, the intake and exhaust scat tubes have been set at 180 degrees apart.  Two reasons influenced this build, available space within the cowling and the shortened overall length of the canister being 6.5 in. long.


Turbo Heat Canister-45 degree offsetA standard length canister (8 in.) with 2- 45 degree scat tube connections.

Mikes Aircraft Special Order canister for a Lancair Super ES aircraft

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